Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

getting older

night everybody !

so, tonight i wanna tell you about my last birthday . hmmm you know, that looks little nerd when i received a happy birthday for the first from my oldest bestfriend, nanas (you know why i give pink color for her name? because she loves it much!). okey, nanas is my friend since we met at elementary school. and when on the tenth grade, we were a deskmate. i think we're both insane. why? because everytime we meet, we just talk about a very very unimportant things, lets read this one :
in the tenth grade, we have an civics teacher, named Mrs.I**. She is a beautiful and the simplest teacher i ever met. How can i said? We can finish one chapter at once! so you can imagine how strange she is. she makes everything as simple as she can. so, the next week, she must be give us a daily test.
when nanas and me get bored about her lesson, we always imitating her speaking style. then, we get laugh together. see, how nerd we are.
the second greeting come from my special one-you know who-. He got sick the night before, so he can't be the first to say happy birthday. btw, he gave me two gifts. the first is a tetralogy of novel and the second is a wristwatch. 

him : i love you for every seasons

andd, the 3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,etc greeting come from some of my friends <3

the last person-well im not sure she is really the last-who gave me a happy birthday is nells!
idk, she looks really want to be the last person to say. you know, she is special. i think she can be special for everyone because she's so kind, beautiful, smart, and i can say, she is almost perfect <3
im sure that people around her must be proud having someone like her.